The Web We Found

and how to refound it

Kevin Marks / @kevinmarks

Ten years ago

In 2003 I left Apple,

sold my stock at $10

and joined Technorati

on the server: LAMP





the 2003 web

Browser War is over

95% is IE 6

XML replacing HTML

Or was it?

Firefox was beginning

Webkit was inside Apple

WHAT-WG formed

2003 Mobile

2003 Social

2003 realtime

Google updated its index

once a month

in the Google Dance


the homepage




Personal publishing

connected through pings

updated in minutes

Open Specs

built independently

converged in public

Open Source implementations

New devices

Web first

apps came later

rapid updates

Social Silos?

blogging absorbed



Instagram et al

2013 Mobile

displaced desktop

biggest OS now Android

IE irrelevant

2013 Social

Consolidated silos

links spread rapidly

hashtags bridging

2013 Myths

Apps will replace the web

Facebook is your site

mobile is special

An App is just a browser

that only works on one site

Kevin Marks / @kevinmarks

Facebook is the new portal

we work round it

Kevin Marks / @kevinmarks

Mobile screens primary

resolution has caught up

Kevin Marks / @kevinmarks

Long term view

Open outlasts companies

Open protects people

Open saves effort


your own website

developers making tools

using Silos to connect

Own your data

your own website

not a Facebook page

or a Google one

Visible data

people can read

programs can index


Publish Own Site

Share Elsewhere

Make tools for you

if you don't use it

no-one else will


say what works

Open Source what you make

Design and UX

are most important

protocols come later

Be Modular

connect components

you can use silos too

and swap bits out

The Long Web

expect it to last

don't destroy history

spread copies elsewhere

Bet on the Web

open outlasts closed

make infrastructure

Kevin Marks / @kevinmarks